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Town of Davie Hurricane Horse Release - SPE501

Town of Davie Horse Release Program is open to Davie Residents and/or Horses boarded in Davie.

Town of Davie Hurricane Horse Release
The bond between horses and their owners is strong. Horse owners in hurricane prone areas have the responsibility to ensure that their animals are provided for in the event a major hurricane threatens the Town of Davie. It’s best to have a plan in place to help protect and ensure the safety of your animals well before hurricane season begins on June 1st.

Horse Release Program Information Payment Procedure
A registration fee of $20.00 (January 1st to May 31st) and $40.00 (June 1st to November 30th) per horse will be required via credit card at time of registration.

Horse Release Open for Major Hurricanes Category 3 or Higher.

Pre-Registration is required prior to bringing your horse to the site.
On-site registration is not permitted.
1. Complete and sign Registration Form and General Release Agreement.
2. Proof of Davie residency including photo ID and current utility bill.
3. All horses must have an official report of a negative Equine Infectious Anemia test (EIA or Coggins test) dated within 12 months of the blood sample being taken.
(a) Foals under 6 months of age, accompanied by their dam who has proof of an official, negative EIA test are exempted from test requirements.
4. Horse profile information including the following:
(a) Horse photo
(b) Horse name
(c) Owner name
(d) Address
(e) Emergency contact number
(f) Microchip #


The Town will provide water, please do not bring hay or feed. Transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the owner. Horse trailers are not permitted to stay at the park. Please make sure all medicines have been administered prior to release. Re-entry will not be permitted once the horse has been released until the storm has concluded and Town staff are permitted by the Emergency Manager to re-enter the park.

Positive identification for each horse must be confirmed before removing your animal(s) from the site:
1. Spray paint your telephone number, including area code, on the side of your animal(s) with a contrasting shade of acrylic paint; or
2. Braid luggage tags into the mane and/or tail of your horse(s) with your name, address, telephone number. Be sure the information is written in waterproof ink, and take steps to waterproof the tags themselves; or
3. Fetlock or mare bands with the appropriate information in waterproof ink; or
4. Include your Equine’s micro-chip Identification number on your application.


In a Category 1 or Category 2 hurricane, horses are safer in a strong, secure barn or stable.
In a Category 3 or higher hurricane, horses may be safer outside with adequate space to roam.

Once a hurricane warning has been issued, Robbins Preserve will open for horses pre-registered and approved. The site will re-open to retrieve your horses when the winds have subsided to 40 mph or less, or when it is deemed safe by emergency management. Town staff will contact you as soon as we are able to reopen the site.

You are encouraged to visit the site for yourself before completing your registration form to determine whether you feel it is safer than your current situation. If you have any questions, please contact (954)797-1181 or [email protected]. In order to reserve a space for your horse, please complete the registration form and submit all required documentation using the link on the QR code or visit https://www.davie-fl.gov/1344/Horse-Release-Program.

Broward County has enacted the “Large Animal Disaster Plan” which identifies all post hurricane needs for horses. The Large Animal Disaster Plan addresses items such as horse injuries, facilities to hold horses post storm, and guidelines for horse recovery. For more information visit their website at http://www.broward.org or contact the Broward Emergency Management Division at (954) 831-3900.

Horse Release Location: Robbins Preserve 4005 S. Hiatus Rd. Davie FL 33330
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